Build Battle Royal

Build Battle Royal io game is an opportunity to fight online by the rules of the last surviving. In the game you can collect resources and build fortifications to protect against enemies.

Building fortifications is just an additional option. First of all, you must fight bravely and skillfully. To do this, collect a high-quality arsenal of weapons and be sure to stock up with funds for treatment. To survive in hard battle you can use any buildings or build your owen protective walls.

Build Battle Royale

The game is regularly updated to improve the gameplay. Some changes may be very interesting and worthy of your assessment. Try your hand at this online Battle Royal Io game.

How to play

Build Battle Royal game lasts until the last surviving player in a diminishing playing area. You can't to stay in the forbidden territory, otherwise your character will start to lose health.


Click to shoot and get resources.
E or F to pick up
Q to enter and quite build mode

3D build