Build Royale io

Build Royale io is new game in Battle Royale style where you can defend yourself by protective walls. You can build to set additional obstacles for enemies. To do this, you need a small amount of resources.

At the beginning of the game you already have a stock of materials for construction. If you want to build more then you can get additional resources. Use the pick to get more.

Build Royale io
Build Royale io drop

How to play

But the main thing in the game is not to build. You must deftly fight. Competitors will not let you relax. The game meets all requirements of the Battle Royale style. Therefore, the main task is to survive. For this:
Quickly move(AWSD.
Accurate shoot (left click), aim (right click).
If necessary, build protective walls (Q).

And do not forget about reducing the playing area. Do not miss the announcement of an impending storm. The storm is moving very fast. To have time to move to a safe aria, you need to speed up (Shift). Otherwise, the storm will overtake you.

Build Royale io game

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