CrazyBattle io

CrazyBattle io game is a fascinating 2D battle with an exclusive war mode. This crazy battle is built according to the rules of time-limited deathmatch. Deploy and arm yourself to fight, plus look for airdrop and build walls. You have 15 minutes during which you need to show your best fighting skills. To become the best player and head the rating you need to score more points.

Your rating in this crazy battle will depend on several factors. The main component is the number of rivals destroyed and the number of your defeats. The rating of defeated opponents and the time spent on the battlefield also affect your final result. Essentially, Crazybattle is the new release of the popular shooter game known as Crazynite !

CrazyBattle io

How to play

Visually, the gameplay in Crazybattle io game is identical for most popular 2D shooters. Land on the battlefield, look for weapons and ammunition, stock up on first-aid kits. You will find the most valuable loot in the airdrop boxes.

The main feature of the game is that you need to fight throughout the round. Accordingly, you can return to the battlefield every time after death. Good luck !


WASD - Move
Shift - speed up.
Shoot - Left mouse.
Build - Right mouse
Inventory items - 1-5.
Pick up - E.
Drop - Q
press and hold left mouse button to use first-aid kit.

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CrazyBattle io game

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