2D Battle Royale game with an original set of diverse game modes. The most interesting and popular is the War mode in which you will fight for a 15 minute round according to the rules of deathmatch. Also, there are Battle Royal, Zombies, and One weapon modes.

The game combines many ideas. You can build walls to protect yourself. At the same time, you can destroy the walls of houses by blowing it up or just poking it with a knife. Watch out for red barrels. The explosion will not leave you a chance to survive.

How to play

Crazy Nite io game is much easier to play than the main 2D Battle Royale monsters such as Zombs Royal or Survivio. But despite this, you still have to work hard.

Steer your parachute to land away from well-armed enemies. You start with a knife. Then arm yourself and stock up with first-aid kits. Kill enemies to move up the ranking. In the event of death, you can return to the game and continue the challenge.


WASD -Move
Shift - speed up.
Shoot - LMB.
Build - RMB
Inventory items - 1-5.
Interact - E.
Hold LMB to use first-aid kit.

Play Game -

3D build