is another interesting 2d BR game such as Zombs and Build Royale or Survivio. Fight online rivals in a popular style to show your survival skills.

General rules are fully consistent with the style. Once you spawn, having nothing, you must search the map to find all necessary means of warfare. Kill other opponents, otherwise, they will kill you. The one who survives the longest will win!

How to play

Gulch io game includes the most popular components and has its own distinctive features:
1. Battle Royal and Arena modes are available.
2. You can fully customize the control, like in Surviv io game.
3. There are new specific components for upgrading weapons and armor. You can upgrade almost everything to white or blue grade.


By default:
AWSD - move
Left Mouse - Shoot
Right Mouse - Aim
F - Interact
Equip - 1-2
Use Customize Keybinds to see more or change options according to your preference.

Play Game

Gulch io game

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