Krunt io is a nimble 2D Battle Royale game with advanced features to build defenses, drive a car and jump over walls. The Krunt io game created by Marl, xAz and Razor, the same developers who later made These two games looks very similar and were created to compete in the category of simple 2D shooters with Mathew Matakovic and his

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Krunt io
Krunt io battle

How to play

So, let's begin. Krunt io is a 2D BR shooter with all the relevant rules:
- weapons and everything else needs to be found
- the battlefield is gradually reduced
- the last survivor wins.
To make the gameplay more interesting the ability to build fortifications and drive vehicles has been added. In addition, you can overcome obstacles and, as usual, you have the opportunity to use first-aid kits and armor boosters. Enjoy!

The controls are simple and intuitive
WASD - move
Q - build
LMB - shoot
1-6 - switch weapons
Space bar - jump
Shift - sprint
R - reload
M - map

Play Game

Krunt io game

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