Mini Royale 2

Mini Royale 2 .io game is a new version of high-quality 3D Battle Royale competition. First-person shooting game is perfect entertainment for online fighting just in your browser.

Fight on a compact urban map with tons of cool weapons scattered all over the place. The superb detailing allows you to enjoy the realistic look of your gun. But do not distract attention to beauty, because danger awaits you everywhere. On a small map, there are only up to 10 players and everyone wants to remain the last survivor!

Mini Royale 2

How to play

Choose a landing place and wait a few seconds until the helicopter takes you to your place. Once you touch the ground, try to find weapons and ammunition as soon as possible.
You can find weapons and armor everywhere, but the most valuable equipment is hidden in the drawers.
Expand your inventory and speed up reloading with special upgrades. Increase protection with a helmet and body armor.
There are no first-aid kits, so you will not be able to heal. Therefore, take care of your health.
All these improvements will just help you in Mini Royale battle. Because the main thing you need to rely on is the ability to move smartly and shoot accurately. Have a great fun!

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Mini Royale 2 io game

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