ShootUp io

Online game ShootUp io is a combined 2D survival shooter. The peculiarity of this 2D zombie defense battle is that at the same time you need to defend yourself from zombie attacks, build fortifications, and fight with unfriendly players.

To make it easier to survive, you need to build defenses. In addition, you can team up with other players to keep the defense together. Thus, it will be easier to survive and kill more zombies for rating and bonuses. And also, together you can build a huge almost impregnable base.

ShootUp io

How to play

Shootup io game is not only multitasking gameplay, but also high dynamics. Characters move quickly, and in addition can drive a car.
Get bonus skills in rewards for one hundred destroyed zombies.
Collect weapons, strengthen armor with blue potion, look for first-aid kits to restore health, establish protective walls or build impregnable fortresses.


WASD - move
Mouse - aim
Left click - shoot
Right click - build
Spacebar - action
Shift - run or accelerate car

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ShootUp io game

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