Surviv io

Surviv io game is one of the most advanced 2D Battle Royale game for real professionals. Try to survive here and you'll understand what does it means!

The game is perfectly adapted for fun in the company of friends and like-minded people. All this thanks to the ability to stream and assemble an online company from around the world. Available solo, duet, team desmatch 50vs50, and most importantly, a very convenient creation of custom battles.

Regular updates, interesting quests, and exciting tournaments - this is SURVIV .IO game.

Surviv io

How to play

It's a game like PUBG, Fortnite, but in 2D. So, the rules are typical for Battle Royale style:
1. Find weapons and equipment to arm yourself. 2. Stay away from the red dangerous zone that is approaching after a certain time. 3. The winner is the last player alive. Have fun!


The game is able to surprise in everything, even to the smallest detail, as well in control options that can be fully customized.
By default:
AWSD - move
Left Mouse - Fire
F - Interact
Equip - 1-4 or Mouse Wheel
Use Customize Keybinds to see more and set up.

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Surviv io game

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