Zombs Royale

Zombs Royale io is another leader among 2D Battle Royale games. Zombsroyale.io will delight you with a huge number of beautiful skins and cool accessories. A huge set of weapons and additional tools, along with the highest online players at any time, will make you fall in love with this game.

Zombsroyale.io is a very demanding game. To play at normal or max graphics you should have a good graphics processor and memory ram. If you have problems with this and want to play zombs royale no lag you need first to turn the quality down at LOW. If it doesn’t help, then you can also try to enable Zoom in your browser to 200%. Good Luck!

Zombs Royale io

How to play

To fully enjoy the game you should register. Choose one of the proposed modes and do not forget to look at the list of challenges. Complete daily and weekly challenges to earn award stars and unique accessories.
Steer your parachute and slide to land in the preferred part of the map. Then start to open boxes to arm yourself and find other loot to stock up with medic supplies, grenades and much more.


WASD or arrow keys - move
Left-click - shoot
R - reload
F - pick up
E - interact
Mouse Wheel or click on icon - equip
M or Tab - map
Right-click - open emoticon list

Play Game

Zombs Royale io game

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