game is an excellent opportunity to fight in your favorite Battle Royale mode with a new feature of building fortifications. In Build Royale io there are all best components plus a new battle strategy. New features of the gameplay is associated with the ability to block the enemy by using protective walls.

In other components, the game fully meets all your favorite requirements. Perfect game action and huge online will certainly satisfy you. You start the game with a pick in your hand. In the lobby you have some time to make a stock of building materials using your mining tool.
About game start

About game

Once the Buildroyale io battle has begun, you should focus on finding weapons and first-aid kits. Do not focus on building the embrasure. The tactic of build is better to apply in the final stage of the game, of course, if you still survive.

It is especially useful to find bottles of blue color. The therapeutic elixir in these bottles will give you an extra supply of health. To use a strengthening drink, select it in your inventory and click.

Buildroyale io battle
Buildroyale io lobby

Start the battle

You do not have to wait long to start this fun. The game is very cool, so many players want to fight in the new Build Battle Royale.

In a few seconds you will find yourself on the battlefield where your task is to survive to the end and become a winner. To do this, stock up on weapons and shoot everyone around. Deftly move and use all available means. Strengthen your armor, replenish health and build protective walls.

Buildroyale io result
Build Royale

How to play

Move - AWSD plus Shift for acceleration.
Shoot - LMB. Aim - RMB.
Change weapons 1-6.
Pick up - E.

Another feature of the game is the slow movement of characters on the battlefield. For fast movement, be sure to use acceleration.
Be careful, the storm in game is moving very fast. So, you can not move to a safe zone by walking. You will see a warning about the impending danger. A mini map will also be useful and will help you monitor the situation.

Are you ready? Good luck!

Try to be placed 1.
Remain the Last and Become a winner!
The match will begin very soon.


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